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The seniors guide to dating again traditional and online

China, Chinese brother-in-law, Chinese family, chinese father-in-law, Chinese grandparents, Chinese husband, Chinese mother-in-law, Chinese parents, Chinese sister-in-law, Favorites, foreigners in China, Gift etiquette in China, Giving gifts in China.) I thought I couldn’t go wrong with the American ginseng root.My coworker Grace — a Chinese girl who doted over me like a mother, despite the fact that she was a few years younger than me — had helped me pick it out.Just don’t bring them your country’s chocolate in the summer — unless you want to present them with puddles instead of presents.Remember, if your recipient is more elderly: keep it soft.Chinese traditional herbal medicines: Deep in every Chinese supermarket is an aisle almost as fascinating as a trip to the carnival. Multivitamins and supplements: These score high on the “filial” meter.

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Most Chinese love local specialty foods (土特产) — especially if you’re visiting them after travels around China, or live in a Chinese city far from them.

Until it hit me — Mandy’s mother was re-gifting my gift to her in-laws, right before my eyes. I know the basics (avoid white, don’t give clocks, etc.).

And I’ve bought more business gifts (think pens and bookmarks) than I’d care to write about.

You don’t even need to buy them in your home country either. For younger Chinese parents (or a Chinese brother-in-law/Chinese sister-in-law), here are some ideas: Bath and body products: Luxurious lotions and perfumes for her; cologne for him. Many are available in China — Watson’s or duty-free stores — but your family may love something special from abroad.

My preferred choice of vitamins in China comes from the brand By-Health (汤臣倍健) — you can purchase them online on Taobao and also find them in most major supermarkets. While she usually says that when we give her any gift, we probably did waste our money on these shirts. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law loved the Bath and Body Works cologne and perfume we bought them a few years ago.


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