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Pitcher and piano derby speed dating diner dating nantes

When she doesn't receive them, Arthur is accused of stealing them, giving Buster his first case as a Private Eye.

Arthur and his friends go to Camp Meadowcroak where everything is a competition between boys and girls.

Arthur is the first to borrow it along with many other books at the same time, but when he collects the ones scattered around the house, he can't find it.

Arthur wants a dog very badly but his parents will not allow him to have one until he proves he is responsible enough.

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They lose their hotel reservation and stay in a leaky rundown hotel as it rains for days. W., lets the incident go as the first snowfall of the year appears.Arthur practices for the spelling bee and competes against Prunella and the Brain, last year's winner and the smartest kid in his class, respectively. and her preschool class go on a field trip to the aquarium.Even with the support of his family, he is nervous. When a shark swims by, her classmates hide while she teases it, but when an octopus appears, she is the only one afraid.Ratburn decides they will dramatize the story of Thomas Edison. He runs off after Pickles to get one, but Arthur thinks he's running away from him. Arthur takes her to the pet store to buy a new pet to replace Spanky, but they don't find one.While she is trying to make the best of a good opportunity for her to shine, she alienates her friends as she studies for the role and bosses them around. The toad reappears several more times, following her, but she hates it since it won't leave her alone.When Kate was brought home from the hospital, he was worried that she hated him, as she always cried when he was around. is excited but frustrated when she doesn't get to help with Kate. At Buster's house they become friends again and he finds out Mike isn't just another kid to replace him. is determined to be better than her and ends up making a new friend.It wasn't until he was forced to watch her that he realized how wrong he was. W how she acted when Kate was born, starting after she was brought home from the hospital in "Arthur's Baby". Arthur is addicted to a new computer game, "Deep, Dark Sea", playing it even when he shouldn't. doesn't like her because she seems to do everything perfectly. Muffy bets Francine she can't be nice to everyone for a whole week and she can't tell anyone about why she's being nice.Francine has often had bad roles in school plays where she gets injured. He begins fictionalizing the events and revising the story using advice from different people, as he tries to write a good one.She finally gets a safer role as the lead, when Mr. soon becomes jealous over the attention Kate is getting. Arthur needs to write a story for homework, so he decides to write about how he got Pal ("Arthur's Pet Business".) He is afraid that no one will like it after D. It's Downtown Day in Elwood City and the Reads are attending the event. Kate begins to cry and no one knows why, except for Pal who knows she wants one. She leaves a can of flowers on his grave after his funeral but finds a toad in there.Despite it being against museum rules, he doesn't want to relinquish his find. When Arthur and Buster find out about a new amusement ride at Wonderworld, they don't want her to come along and embarrass them because she would bring Nadine.Everyone loves the Scare-Your-Pants-Off book series and the new addition is coming out.


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