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Aitken m j 1990 science based dating in archaeology

: Carbon Dating the Turin Shroud, Inst of Physics Pub. Buy this Book (US35 hardback) and read editorial reviews Aitken, M.

[Excellent book documenting the principle methods for dating in archaeology.

1968, "The origin of radioactive dating techniques" Am. Improved collagen extraction method by modified Longin method. Regional Sources of Volcanic Carbon Dioxide and their influence on c14 content of present-day plant material. Absolute age determination : physical and chemical dating methods and their application. [ Detailed review of C14 with particular reference to Liquid Scintillation Counting. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference, Los Angeles and La Jolla, 1976. Reporting of stable hydrogen, carbon and oxygen isotope abundances. Radiocarbon dating: large-scale preparation of acetylene from organic material. Anthropogenic radiocarbon in the eastern Irish Sea and Scottish coastal waters. Effects of vial holder materials and design on low-level 14C scintillation counting. Some effects of partial recrystallisation on C-14 dating of Late Pleistocene corals and molluscs.


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